Her secret dwells deep in every cell.
Well she keeps it hidden.
Yet, unbidden, this dark thing howls and cries.
She tries in vain to block it.
But barge in it must for it holds the key–
A tag of her identity.

Born into the humankind
But mind and heart are foreign.
Torn by the war that rages within–
A din of conflicting voices–
Of loneliness for kindred souls–
And revulsion of humans’ twisted goals.

For her beloved Earth lays ravaged–
Savaged by the wolf of greed.
Needs ripped to pieces in the putative belief–
That relief can probably be gained–
Through an unjust system that serves the few.
She sees the folly but there’s nothing she can do.

Her care, like a cramp, that will not ease
Tortures her soul, brings her to her knees–
This alien, stranger, outsider.

She knows she is a futile Earth booster.
Like with the rooster crowing at dawn–
They yawn and cover their ears.
Their fears are of small and selfish things.
Meanwhile, death spreads its ugly stain–
And no one takes any blame.

Now it’s past the eleventh hour.
The power to act grows dim.
Yet the grim reality of man’s pursuits
Rooted in greed and fear
Sneaks silently upon this narcissistic race.
Soon now, they’ll have destroyed this place

The timbres of tragedy she hears.
But the vibrations only ring in her ears–
For the world is ruled by monsters and fools.

Yet, foolishly perhaps, she dreams
Of hope unlocked from its vault
The assault on beauty a distant story
The glory of a peaceful world
Unfurled versions of magic
On a globe that teetered on being tragic
For she is an alien but a dreamer too.