Copyright 2013 by Leslie Varsava. All rights reserved.

forest trilliums 2

The night is still, no wind or rain
Disturb the forest in early spring
All creatures are at rest right now
So what then is rustling?
The trillium is hard at work
Pushing through fallen leaves
Growing fast in a race to bloom
Before the leaves are on the trees

Seven long years ago
A trillium seed was found
The ant grabbed its handle
And dragged it underground
For trillium got the ant to help
Pollinate and plant its seed
By developing a handle
With nutrition that the ant needs

Then the seed grew some leaves
To make energy from the sun
They had one month while trees were bare
Before the job was done
Its leaves died back but do not think
The plant was a dead thing
It stored the energy in its roots
To begin again next spring

Year after year, this went on
As the plant ever stronger grew
Then last year at the base of the root
Grew something exciting and new
A flower bud, now dazzling white
Rises from forest floor
Spring’s first treasure delights my eye
To bloom a few weeks more

On seeing such magical beauty
One might be sorely tempted
To pick the glorious three-petal bloom
But the plant soon would be dead
Much better to enjoy the sight
And treasure the life within
Than to grasp at what we shouldn’t have
For that surely that is a sin

Source: Up North by Doug Bennet and Tim Tiner