© 2012 By Leslie Varsava. All rights reserved.


Jack sat in the shade of an old mighty tree
And asked, “What can it be that is bothering me?”
He then heard a voice right through to his soul asking,
“Why are you here, what is your goal?”
The boy was amazed. Could it be?
“Was that the tree talking to me?”
He heard not a thing but the wind and a bird.
Still the voice of the tree he was sure that he heard.
But the tree spoke no more; it said not a thing.
“Maybe you’ll talk if my friends I did bring!”
They came in cars, trucks and vans. No one did walk.
They came in droves to hear a tree that could talk.
But the tree just stood and swayed in the breeze,
So they all turned on Jack to taunt and to tease.
“Nature boy, nature boy, friends with a tree.
He thinks trees can talk – he’s totally crazy!”
Away they all drove with their moms and their dads,
Leaving Jack by the tree, lonely and sad.
He sat by the tree where he came every day,
Arriving by foot all alone to play.
But sitting isn’t something Jack does very long.
Soon he’s up in the tree whistling, the bird singing along.
And while he’s up there, he hears a man say,
“This is the tree I want cut down today.”
“Oh no!” thought the boy, “What can I do?
I have to do something to try to save you!”
“Trying to save me is just the start.
There’s much to be done and you’ll play a part.”
The voice of the tree came out of the blue,
And with it the knowledge of just what to do.
I’ll stay in this tree. I’ll stay off the ground.
They can’t cut this tree if I don’t come down.
Word spread, people came to see nature boy.
Not that they cared for this silly boy’s ploy.
“You can’t stop progress,” cried the man with the saw.
“Besides you’re trespassing. That’s against the law.”
The TV reporter, enjoying his role, asked
“Why are you here? What is your goal?”
Said Jack to the camera, loud and clearly,
“Ask that of the tree and you’ll understand me.
“Now what can he mean?” asked the people who heard.
“A tree with a goal? Now that’s just absurd!”
“Wait!” cried Cathy. “I get it, I do.
Don’t trees give us oxygen and absorb CO2?”
“That’s right!” said Jacob with a smile on his face.
“And their roots keep soil in its place.”
“And there’s more!” said a boy who’s name is Jake.
“Trees absorb chemicals not good for the lake.”
“If you cut this tree down, and cart it away,”
Asked Katie, “where will all the animals stay?”
Just then the crowd heard the song of the bird,
As if in agreement with each and every word.
“What’s this!” cried the man who wanted the tree down.
“What’s going on? Stop clowning around.
It’s my tree, it’s my land, I’ll do what I please,
And what I want is to chop down this tree!”
The mayor confirmed, “He’s within his rights.
Jack must get down and stop this fight.
He can come down on his own, or come down by force,
Then say he’s sorry and show his remorse.”
“What rights has the tree, and what of the bird?”
Loud and angry voices of the crowd could be heard.
Afraid of what the crowd might do,
The mayor called the police and the army too.
They drove the people all away,
And so it was just Jack at the end of the day.
“I’m sorry,” said Jack. “I don’t know what to do.
I’ve tried and I’ve tried, but I can’t save you.”
“My time has come to go away,
But amazing things happened here today.”
The voice of the tree touched Jack’s heart one last time.
He gave the tree a big hug and down he did climb.
“I’m sorry,” said Jack to the man in the suit.
“But for the tree, not you, you great big brute!”
Now as the tree said, amazing things happened there.
The people of the town had started to care.
Each and every one heard the tree’s voice.
It told them they had to make a choice.
To be blind to nature and let it all go,
Or to love nature and help it grow.
You’ll be glad to know they did the right thing.
New forests are alive with birds that sing.
And Jack has a sapling he tends lovingly,
Telling it tales of its momma, the old mighty tree.